The Vintage Rosery
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This section of The Vintage Rosery website has nothing, and everything, to do with The Vintage Rosery. This is a personal story of faith and hope and a trust in God that He had a plan and we were a part of it. From start to finish, the gardens took six years to design and build. However, shortly after we purchased the land and started construction, Marcia had a serious medical problem that required us to search for a specialized team of medical Doctors. Our search landed us at the Vanderbilt University Medical Center in Nashville. We moved there for what was supposed to be six months, but turned into almost three years.
What you are about to read was published in the local Nashville newspaper, The Tennessean, over a four week period. Keep in mind you know the ending. The Nashville readers did not. The newspaper and the reporter received phone calls and letters after Part 1 was published, asking if Marcia survived.
We became good friends with both the reporter (Sylvia Slaughter) and the photographer (Lisa Nipp) and still stay in touch with them today. They both won separate national journalism awards for this series. As you read it and see the photographs, you will understand why. It is a gripping and graphic story of a very personal and challenging time in our lives. We would like to thank The Tennessean for permission to post this copyrighted article on our website and for the tremendous service they did raising the awareness of the need for organ donation.