Marcia Roenigk

The Vintage Rosery

Needville, Texas

Marcia Hardin Roenigk
July 14, 1958 - October 27, 2007
Marcia passed away Saturday, October 27, 2007. My loving wife. My best friend. And the love of my life.
Marcia fought a tough battle those last two months. Even though she was weak and in pain, each time she would see a family member or friend walk in the room she would smile. It is hard to smile when you are hurting, but Marcia never let her physical challenges stop her from enjoying life. The good news is she is no longer suffering with physical challenges as she is walking with her Lord and Savior in Heaven.
We will all miss her. She touched many lives. For those of you not familiar with Marcia's Story, I encourage you to take read this when you have some quiet time available.
I want to thank everyone for the many prayers remembering Marcia. Our wonderful God answers every one in His own special way.
Robert Roenigk