The Vintage Rosery

Needville, Texas

This is one of those products that once you have and use it, you say "how did I ever live without it?"
We have been using EZ-FLO when we water our container grown roses for over a year now. We water our plants two or three times a week, depending on the weather. We connected a single EZ-FLO unit to our water hose and filled it with compost tea, fish & seaweed and/or molasses once a week. The plants loved it. So much so, we signed up as a distributor!
Rather than applying heavy doses of soil additives a couple of times a year, we now apply them in diluted form throughout the year. Soil can handle only so much of any substance at a time.  With an EZ-FLO unit removing the extra labor from the process, 10 or 20 fertilizer applications is now doable.
Installation is easy, whether you use a hose to water or an underground irrigation system.
This image shows a portable unit. A hose bib connecter is included, along with the tubing. The connecter is placed between the hose bib and your hose. The tubes snap on the connector. It takes less than 15 seconds.
Use this when watering your grass with a sprinkler or your shrubs and flowers in your flower bed through a drip hose.
The EZ-FLO units have adjustable flow rates. Change the dial on top to slow, medium or fast. This changes the fertilizer feed ratio from 1,000 to 1 down to 100 to 1. This allows feeding at ratios from .125 ounces to 1-1/4 ounces per gallon.
There are also EZ-FLO units for main line irrigation systems. These units are designed to be under constant pressure. These come in 1.5 gallon to 30 gallon tanks, supporting the smallest home system to largest commercial installation.
More in-depth technical information is available at the  manufacturer's website. Or call or come by and let us show you how it works.